USA Road Trip – Week 1

On Saturday May 11th, our friend Chris, Keith and I flew to Seattle for a 3 week road down the west coast of America! Our original plan was to fly to Vancouver in Canada and drive down into America but we weren’t sure if we would have Visa problems doing this, so instead we decided to fly into Seattle which is close to the Canadian boarded and then drive up to Vancouver for a couple of days and then make our way back down the coast to LA. I have broken this trip down into 3 small(ish) posts that detail each week.

Week 1

Week 1 USA Roadtrip

Day 1-2 - As soon as we arrive in Seattle we picked up a van and drove to our hostel which was close to the airpot. This was pretty interesting as neither Chris or I had driven on the left side of the road before or a car as big as the van. The next day we visited a interesting antiques market and the famous Pikes Place Market before driving up to Canada. We loved both markets and it was a great start to the trip. We then travelled up to Vancouver and spent the next couple of days exploring the city. We decided to stay in a hostel in the heart of the city and pay $50 to leave our van in a car park.

Day 3-4 - 10 years ago my sister visited Vancouver so she recommended loads of things for us to do while we visited, most of it we couldn’t do because we decided to stick to Downtown but her recommendations were a great starting point. On Day 3 we walked around the city, visiting the beaches and shopping. That morning we had found out that MGMT where playing really close to our hostel and Chris managed to get tickets for. This was a fun experience but it wasn’t the best show I’ve been too. On Day 4 we finalised our plan to drive around the Olympic National Park. We decided to stop by Granville Island for an hour before we left Vancouver. The first thing we did when we got to Granville island was visit the local brewery. After sampling the variety of flavours we ended up buying a crate of mixed beer’s and a traditional beer glass, (the glass is probably one of the most stereotypical tourist things we bought). There was also an amazing farmers market which had so many things we wanted to buy. However as we were travelling back into America that afternoon we knew we wouldn’t be able to bring any of the fresh produce with us. We then started the drive back down the Washington coast, driving down a huge highway called the 5. Once we got to a small town called Burlington we detoured off the main highway and started driving towards the coast. We then took a ferry towards Port Townsend in the evening which is at top right of the Olympic National Park. Finding a campsite was pretty stressful that night as we weren’t really sure where we were going but we eventually managed to find a pretty fancy campsite.

Day 4-5 - Over the next 2 days we drove around the Olympic National Park. Stopping at Hurricane Ridge, the Hoh Rainforest and a couple of beaches. At night we pulled into the nearest campsite and camped in our van. The beaches were amazing, they were covered with huge driftwood trees which were bleached white from the sun and salt. I loved the sculptural look of the trees and took way too many photo’s of them.

Day 6 - This day we drove out of Washington and into Oregon. Once we crossed the state line we explored the city of Astoria. We didn’t realise it until we arrived in this city but the city was used as the set for the Goonies and many other films. We visited the film museum which is in the actually jail that the Goonies used to film in and then visited the Goonies house, the spontaneity of this was really fun. We had the most amazing lunch at a local cafe and then started our drive back inland to Portland. Before leaving for our trip I had contacted a couple of friends of a friend who live in Portland and they very kindly put us up in their home. Unfortunately they had to go away to some family once we arrive but they blessed us with the use of their home for the weekend which was amazing!