USA Road Trip – Week 3

Week3.1USA Roadtrip


Day 15 - Trying to find somewhere to stay the night before had been pretty difficult the night before so in the morning none of us wanted to waste any time trying to find breakfast. We decided that we would pull into the first place we could see which turned out to be a fast food burger joint. As Chris is veggie and they only things he could eat was fries or onion rings this wasn’t the best option but we decided to eat there and get on with the trip. We then stopped off at the Hoover Dam, I think some people spend the whole day there taking tours but we just parked up, walked across it and took some photos before we continued to drive to the Grand Canyon. Arriving at the Grand Canyon we found that all the campsites were booked up because of the National holiday so we decided that we might try pulling up somewhere to sleep later on as this was supposedly ok in Nevada. We then walked along the Grand Canyon which was great. But once the sun started setting the deep red of the rocks really started to come out and it looked amazing.

Day 16 - This was a long day with a lot of driving, it was going to take 7 hours to drive to LA and we wanted to stop off at Joshua Tree National Park (about 2 hours outside of LA) before we arrived in Anaheim LA.

We arrived at Joshua Tree around 4 o’clock and decided to do a small trail that went past an old mine. Joshua Tree was a really interesting place, and pretty different to the other National Parks we had been too. It was incredibly hot and dry with lots of cacti and lizards. Before we left we also decided to try and find an actual Joshua Tree, we drove for ages to try and find one and felt pretty disappointed once we found them, they looked just like any other small tree. Once we got back on the road we got caught in a sand storm, which made driving a little harder as visibility was reduced and the van kept on getting pushed around by the wind. But we finally made it to our motel in Anaheim just before midnight.


Week3.2 USA Roadtrip


Day 17 - LA was our last stop on our trip so it was really nice to take this day easy and relax. We all slept in pretty late and then went to Laguna Beach that afternoon. We ended up hanging out at the 1000 steps beach. Afterwards we went shopping and after asking a few locals where the best place to eat was we found out it was Taco Tuesday (basically happy hour on tacos and selected drinks all day) so of course we had to have tacos. Both me and Chris had a mixture of shrimp and fish tacos while Keith decided to go for a salad. After our meal we had a spare half and hour before our parking ran out so we went to a frozen yoghurt bar and ate it while watching the most amazing sunset.

Day 18-19 - While planning the our road trip Chris contacted a couple of his friends from LA that he met while travelling in South America. They gave some great advise and offered to be our tour guide for the day and also asked us round for dinner. One of the things they advised was to go to The Original Pancake House. These pancakes were amazing and they were huge! This was such a good breakfast and we didn’t eat again until dinner. We then went to Santa Monica and went shopping. That evening we decided to go to Disney Downtown and have a drink in the House of Blues. Our motel so close to Disney so we walked up and because we were only going into Disney Downtown we didn’t have to pay anything to get in.

The next day we met up with Chris’s friend Becca and she gave us a small tour of the Huntington side of LA. It was really great to get a locals perspective on things and we saw places we wouldn’t had know about. First we visited an old settlement which was really interesting to see some of the history of California and then we went on to explore a small beach covered in rock pools where we could hold hermit crabs. After that we went to Huntington beach and had lunch at a 50′s style dinner right on the end of the pier. We all had burgers and milkshakes which were amazing. We also visited this interesting manmade island called Balboa Island by Newport beach. That evening we then decided to go back to Disney Downtown and see The Great Gatsby at the cinema. We also decided to have a slice of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

Day 20-22 - This was our last full day so we took it easy and chilled out at Huntington beach for most of the day, doing a bit of shopping and sunbathing. In the evening we went round to Becca’s house and she made us dinner (fish tacos) which we shared with her husband and her friend Alison. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal as our last proper meal in America and we really enjoyed relaxing in a home for the evening.

The next day (Saturday morning) we got up super early and drove to the airport. We left in plenty of time as we had to return our hire car first, but it took less time than we thought so had ages to wait. Our flights were pretty simple with a change in Toronto, we flew over night and arrived back on Sunday morning really tired and jet lagged. And thats it!

Miles driven: 3701

Countries visited: (Canada, USA)

Sates Visited: (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona)



All photos on the 3 road trip posts were edited with the VSCO CAM app.

  • Niken

    so much fun! it’s been ages ago since the last time i did road trip. i have to make one soon.

    • Faith Mason

      Thanks Niken! Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you go on an exciting road trip soon!

    • Faith

      Thanks Niken! Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you go on an exciting road trip soon!

    • faithmason

      Thanks Niken! Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you go on an exciting road trip soon!