This time last week…

We arrived into Iceland at 6.30am last Wednesday on our way back from snowy Washington DC. First thing we did was visit the Blue Lagoon which is a huge geothermal pool. When asking advise on what to do in Iceland every single person we spoke to said the Blue Lagoon was a must see. We decided the best time to go was as soon as we landed because the lagoon is pretty close to the airport and we would be driving right past it. This also meant we were there during sunrise which was nice. It started snowing while we were in the water as well which I loved. It so warm and beautiful. I would really recommend a visit if you are going to Iceland. Although I would book in advance to guarantee a place. Keith and I were a walk in booking as we weren’t 100% sure of our schedule and didn’t want to book for the wrong time. If we hadn’t arrived at opening then I don’t think we would have got in as it was really busy with long queues when we left.

It was the best start to our quick 3 day stopover!



All photos from my Instagram.