Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014



2013 has been a good year, just a few of the highlights have been:

  • It has seen us move from Bournemouth to London and both Keith and I start new jobs.
  • In May we were able to go on a 3 week road trip down the west coast of America which was amazing and the best break before London.
  • We have managed to settle into a wonderful new church in London and have started to make new friends.
  • Two of our lovely friends welcomed baby boys into their lives and we were also able to see the Fountain’s and the Richardson’s get married.
  • In July we celebrated 3 years of marriage!
  • I knitted socks for Keith, a scarf for my brother and started knitting myself a jumper. For Christmas I received the amazing Knitting by Design book by Emma Robertson which I can’t wait to use.
  • In November I was able to travel to Wales to celebrate my Godson’s 2nd birthday! This was also the month were we went on the first holiday with my family since we’ve been married.

I have been thinking about plans and hopes for the next year over the past few months and I am so excited about 2014! A few of the things I have plans for are:

  • Hopefully we will soon be moving into our new flat in Finsbury Park and I am so excited about making it our home this year!
  • I am looking forward to being more creative during this next year, professionally and personally. I have lots of ideas of projects I want to work on and I am looking forward to sharing these on this blog.
  • I am also looking forward to working alongside some of the amazing creatives that I have met since I started freelancing and working more closely with a few of my creative friends.
  • I hope to blog more this year and build my professional presence.

Looking forward to seeing how this next year develops and sharing it with you!